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Welcome to Phoenix Business Solutions

Phoenix Business Solutions is a Virtual Agency providing a variety of services with highly trained and skilled Virtual Assistants working for you remotely.

How can a Virtual Assistant help you and your business?

By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you are able to save on full-time employment costs as well as tailoring an outsourced, professional service to suit your individual needs. Simply get all the support as and when you need it.

We are professionals with over 20 years of diverse work experience which includes, Legal Debt Collection, drafting of legal documentation, Administration and Database Management and Logistics and ERP Management. Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Email Management and so forth.

We are organised, adaptable, and creative thinkers and love to solve problems within your organization.

What are the benefits of hiring a VA?


Services & Pricing

We offer comprehensive packages for every customer needs. We understand that every business operates differently and have different requirements, therefore, we can tailor the services to suit your needs.

We take care of your menial tasks so you can focus on running your business from data entry, data management, Invoicing, email management and so forth. We save you time and money and work only the time that you require us to work.


We manage your social media accounts by logging into your account and managing your account. Create and distribute engaging posts and engage with your audience.

We provide cost-effective marketing solutions for every industry from digital marketing on Social Media and WhatsApp to email marketing and data scraping.


Please contact us for pricing outside of ZA and the US.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is a person/people who can do anything any other support staff does such as clerical work, database and CRM management, email management, data entry, Document design, Calendar management and so much more.

Kindly view our Services and Pricing section for more information.

Should I hire a Virtual Assistant?

Yes. VA's are well skilled and can save on a lot of costs within small, medium and large companies as you can hire a VA for certain hours as required.


About us

We offer value for money with highly trained and skilled Virtual Assistants to build relationships with their customers.

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